BloomCE Desktop App

The BloomCE Desktop App requires a Software Activation Key at startup. Autodesk Plugins (AutoCAD, Revit, and Navisworks) are included in this distribution. File import plugins for Recap (.rcp), Trimble (.tzf), and Z&F (.zfs) scan data formats are included in this distribution. You may require the Faro LS SDK (.fls) import plugin separately.

Download the BloomCE Desktop App Installer for Windows


Bloom Explorer Desktop App

The Bloom Explorer Desktop App is a standalone On-premise file sharing application that does not require a Software Activation Key.

Download the Bloom Explorer Installer for Windows


BloomCE Plugins for Autodesk

The BloomCE Plugins for Autodesk  (AutoCAD, Revit, and Navisworks) may be used independently from the BloomCE Desktop App, and without Software Activation, to access point cloud data hosted on a Bloom Cloud Server Azure file sharing platform; Azure requires valid Microsoft Active Directory Authentication. You do not need this plugin, if you are installing full desktop application.

Download the BloomCE Plugins for Autodesk Installer for Windows


We recommend that you uninstall your existing application before installing the update. Your Software Activation is not effected by software updates.


Release Notes


Features & Enhancements

- Bi-directional measurement tool

- PDF export from Floor contours

- Edit normals on a line in line tool

Bug Fixes

- The normals on lines were incorrect in some cases, which caused error in deviation results.

- Empty fields of .ini file are fixed. 


Features & Enhancements

- Enhancements to coordinate system handshake between CloudEngine and Autodesk Revit.

- CloudEngine plugins support Autodesk 24 products

- Deviation or color from height can be made permanent in a pointcloud

- Trimble Connect feature for Trimble customers.

- A circle entity has been added

- Improved object snap for place lines and markers on polymesh objects

- Convert Markers to geometry points for deviation or survey control networks using the Object List context menu

- Properties of Line entity can be edited

- Support for Trimble X9 scanner

Bug Fixes

- AutoCAD23 CloudEngine plugin wasn't loading in some AutoCAD variants

- Lines created on CAD model, now have correct normals, so they can be used for evaluation. 

- ( crash fix in 360 mode


- Support for High Resolution 4K multiple monitors

- Step format importer

- Utility to export pointcloud data on web to .rcp & .e57 format

- Option to import intensity channel from .tzf and .e57 format

- Export intensity channel to .rcp format

- Show intensity as RGB color in Color Display tool

- Improvements in line tools

- Bugfix for large coordinate embedded images in e57

- Bugfix for tape measure option in Line create tool

- Reverse normal on a CAD, mesh, or plane

- Create grid on a plane using context menu

- Bidirectional distance measurement command

- Removed instability due to Office365(Excel) integration


- Create Markers at Project Base point and Survey Base point when importing from Revit

- Enhanced Volume tool for point clouds. Datum reference may be a view clipping box (plane) or a 3d surface

- New create "Polygon" tool creates an n-sided surface by drawing vertices

- Connect scan centers with polyline using My menu script "Station Map" 

- Import raw scans directly from Azure storage accounts using directory URL

- Upgraded Azure libraries with new authorization

- Context LMB menu "Make plane here" to create plane from CAD model

- New tool to move objects using markers

- Import viewpoints from Navisworks using plugin

- Custom markers are supported in C:\ProgramData\BloomCE\CustomMarkers directory

- Each marker type creates a new layer, to toggle its visibility

- Enhanced text marker with control of font size

- Enhanced hyperlink support for markers

- Sychronize uploaded published data with desktop using Publish->Metadata->Update button

- Data efficient publishing of panoramic images

- Support to import scan data from URI and Azure SAS Url, to help users import scan data

  directly from cloud

- Direct import of zipped file containing scan data i.e. [.e57], [.fls], [.tzf]

- Import NavVis and GeoSLAM e57 data with embedded pano images

- Import Trimble TDX zipped packaged format with scan data and geo-located image "tags"

- Import Trimble TSX zipped packaged format with .tzf scan data

- Import Trimble TSX zipped packaged format with 360 jpeg image data


- Support for Autocad, Revit & Navisworks 2023

- Improved startup connection between Revit and CloudEngine

- Improved interactive line creation

- Export Section Offset results to Excel and manually delete spurious output

- Click to create a plane on CAD using

- Fix for lines being imported twice into Revit

- CAD drawings get clipped correctly when publishing

- Embedded image support for Dot Product import

- Fix to a specific IFC crash file

- Fix to transform of plane for floor flatness

- search tolerance for spherical registration


- CAD mesh can be published in wireframe mode

- Efficient line drawing mode in browser when publishing CAD

- Fix to section offset when units are not in meter

- Fix to e57 importer for large coordinate values

- Support for import of GEOSLAM pano images

- Check registration tool to report registration errors between successive scans

- Fixes to handle large number of markers

- Panoramic (360) image workflow improvements

- Fix to IFC import for missing elements

- Fix to Section offset tool (2974)

- Fix to set details on unified scans (2977)


- Familiar Ribbon Style UI design, with option to place Objectlister on left or right side

- Section offset tool to compute individual offsets between CAD parts and its pointcloud with results exported to revit/acad/navisworks

- Volume calculation

- Separation of Animation Tool from Transform Tool to improve clarity

- Separation of Line Tool from Shapes tool

- Separation of CAD-CAD Clash Tool from CAD-PointCloud Clash Tool

- added URL links to marker import from Excel

- Support for Trimble TDX and TSX format

- Import zip file containing e57 and ptx format files

- Import dwf format

- Copy/Paste rows of XYZ coordinates from Excel into CloudEngine to create markers

- support normals with csv import

- PointCloud colored points through Object select tool

- Large coordinates in .obj format

- Show orientation of clicked point while dimensioning

- Auto save control from Preferences panel

Bug fixes

- Optimize large IFC file import

- Save file periodically while importing large number of scans

- Fix to deviation from Cylinder

- Python3 support

- Units fix in Pts import

- Correct deletion of CAD vertices

- transparency on CAD can be reset correctly

- Important fix for Azure upload problem, which was triggered by Windows update on some users machine.


- Important fix for Azure upload problem, which was triggered by Windows update on some users machine.

- Import normals with csv file using Markers Tool-> Import from Excel.

- Bugfix for measuring deviation from a plane object.

- added python script for reporting deviation between successive pointclouds

- Autodesk Navisworks plugin
- Ability to download pointcloud data from our website, directly into Autocad, Revit, Navisworks using a new plugin installer
- Enhancements for LAS 1.4 spec 
- Faro version update
- Autocad 2022 support
- Copy animation from a node and paste it to another node
- Webplayer: support for diff-ing between panoramic images with a slider
- Webplayer: ability to cull view from two sides. For example, see just one floor
- Webplayer: ability of project owners to invite other project memebers with read/write permission


- Bloom Explorer install now requires admin priviledges 

- e57 Pano images import from Faro Scene fixed for parameterization error

- Bugfix for broken camera on computing prop E of TR34 specification

- Animation can be copy pasted between nodes with similar transform.

- LAS Point Classification defined by the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing for LAS formats 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4

- Model View (scope box) conversion to geometry box on context menu

- Volume calculation of "cut" and "fill" with ASTM 1155 floor analysis


- Generation of panoramic images in E57 import from embedded images

- Usability improvements to Deviation output

- Enhancements to TR34 Floor analysis

- Enhancements to Web viewer

- Bug fix for correct mime type when uploading to Azure

- Faster panoramic images for web


- Easier measurement interaction in Web sharing view

- Fix for: certain datasets in e57 had coincident points and missing points

- Zfs import shows color for missing depth pixels as well, when creating 360 images

- Fix for login to Autodesk Assemble

- Import Navisworks xml files to import viewpoints

- Viewpoint Objects in ObjectLister. You can create them using Camera tool or importing Autodesk Navisworks files.

- Upload manager in Content Sharing tool with monitoring of upload

- Improvements to local webviewer

- Fix for incongruent IFC elements, which failed to retrieve entire file

- New pointcloud streaming for web sharing. Supports higher resolution pointcloud.

- New optimized nodes that prevent overlapping points

- picking points using a circle, which is created on 3rd point input.


- Faro sdk update

- BloomExplorer enables keeping executable with the shared folder on LAN setting

- Snap Tool is available as a plugin

- Autocad 2021 support

- Revit 2021 support

- 360 views with Faro files shows color info, even if depth information is missing

- Optimized node can be created at an orientation

- Elevation color tool enhanced

- Fixed issues with DWG 2D wireframe import

- Floor flatness 45 degree lines to longest edge don't have to be equal in length

- Generate grid points on line.

- Selected points invert in modelview, do not affect points outside

- Increased stability for Xeon processor

- Webclient measurement fix in 360 mode

- High resolution spherical scans supported better in webclient

- Improved Z lock on registration

- Upload and rendering of 360 images improved by using jpeg

- Option to add a sky texture to the background of 360  images

- Text markers available


- Deviation lines on floor flatness lines

- Create elbows on fitted pipes, snap fitted pipes to ASTM standard, edit fitted pipe radius to re-fit point selection

- ModelViews that are accessible anywhere in the interface to quickly narrow down into selected points or objects (see keyboard assignments).

- Fill color for black/missing points in a 360 image for .rcp and .tzf formats.

- Enhanced deviation reporting at a specific point locations.

- Support for importing TIMMS 360 images through a python script.

- Slab evaluation according to TR34 concrete specification.

- Fit planes and intersect them to create theoretical intersection lines and corner points.

- Enhanced import of .dwg file, with UI selection if the model matches "Project Internal" or "Shared coordinates" of an Autocad or Revit model.

- SelectByObject context menu in Object Lister to select points around a CAD object.

- Fixed scaling of imported images.

- Fixed import of CSV file to create markers.

- Coordinate system issues with Autocad and Revit


- Fixes to Autodesk Assemble login

- Fixes to contour with improvements to quality as well as export to Autocad


- Extended enhancements to BloomExplorer and browser based sharing application.

- Faster upload and download of pointcloud from Assemble, Bloom Cloud Server, and Microsoft Azure Cloud Storage.

- Faster download of large CAD models from Assemble, Bloom Cloud Server, and Microsoft Azure Cloud Storage.

- New Autodesk Single-Sign-On for Assemble portal

- Adjusted file size control on published point clouds. This is supported by faster downloads from cloud storage.

- RCP/RCS Import Enhancements: Import RCP or selected RCS files, Reload selected RCS files.

- Contour Cut Lines for pointcloud with MyScripts plugin.

- Fixed better licensing error checks.

- Fixed improved CAD lighting and rendering in the browser.

- Fixed stable Object Lister and faster scrolling.


- Fixed loading details on unified scans

- Fixed measurement on 360 images in webexplorer


- Fixed Microsoft Azure connectivity issue

- RCP import: fixed transform error with un-gridded data


- NEW! Autodesk plugins will install with the desktop. 

- Logical names for Tool access (eg. type "move" to access Transform Tool or "mm" set the until to be millimeters). A complete list of logical names are available here.

- Camera Orbit on left mouse button using Ctrl key plus left mouse button

- Improvements to Sketch Tool polylines for construction geometry.

- Improvements to Dimension and Marker placement.

- "Cut & Paste" support (bloom, excel, text edit) with Markers, Transform Tool, Set Pivot, etc. 


- Faster rendering of CAD geometry into composite 360 images 

- Colorize imported wireframe entities

- Fit mesh surface (MyScripts\MakeMesh) to survey network point or selected point grid 


- Bug fix for handling of texture map memory in 360 images.

- Bug fix for [.pts] file import when intensity value is [0] and rgb values are present.

- Bug fix for [.ifc] file import with large poly counts.

V2.0 Release

- It is recommended the all 1.5 or 1.6 version of the application be uninstalled before the installation of 2.0.

- Support for 360 image view of structured laser scan data and 360 camera image within desktop. Also review ObjectLister.

- Registration target placement has been replaced with Cycler button in ObjectLister and on screen interface.

- Right mouse click on model sets camera rotation pivot.

- Dynamic drawing aids for dimensions, lines, and markers. Surface normal is displayed for placement point.

V1.6.4 Latest Release

- Support for Microsoft Cloud Azure storage

- Import DWG and DGN files

- RCP file can be published to Bloom Explorer for sharing

- W,A,S,D game mode navigation. The 'S' keyboard shortcut for Point Selection has been changed to 'P'.

V1.6.1 Latest Release

- PTX import with registration transforms fixed

- crash fix for rotate of group node by numeric input and a workflow within optimized node creation

- Support for 360 image capture and publishing

- UCS for deleted geometry, does not affect UCS of re-imported geometry

- Enhanced deviation map and contour lines. Also has improved brush point selection.

- Autodesk Revit scope boxes, used to control the crop region of a view, are translated to saved Model Views

- Bug fix: noise removal when importing .e57 and .rcp files

- Section Offset tool: Validation of CAD column/wall offset from Scandata

- Export hyperlinked webviews.

- Deviation reporting to Excel in a grid format for  planes (floors & walls), pipes, elbows (spools), and spheres.

- Upgrade of libraries. If you revert back to 1.6.0 or less, you will have to uninstall this version or later, only then you can install previous versions.

- Panoramic scan and sitemap views.

- Publish to Local Area Network and access with Bloom Explorer App.

- Multi object animation. Supports editing of keyframes on each object.

- Create sphere and spherical grid for measuring deviation of spherical vessels.